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Restore Harmony Within




Our interactions as humans are in constant flux. One moment we can feel understood and the next, in turmoil. Untangling the emotions that underlie most conflict is essential, yet often overlooked in mediation. Taking time to wade through that difficult terrain can loosen the grip of resentment and misunderstanding. This leads to the possibility of having an open heart and moving forward with a sense of generosity.


In mediation, my task is to support the person who is having the greatest difficulty being heard or understood at any point. The emotional landscape constantly changes as people find their ways through to understanding what divides them. Working with both groups and individuals, my goal is to expand and widen the lens of understanding for everyone present.

I’m committed to supporting those who wish to create and participate in community-building, finding purpose, peace, and the inspiration to live into our fullest potential.

"There are three ways to ultimate success: 
The first way is to be kind.
The second way is to be kind. 
The third way is to be kind."

- Mr. Rogers



Oh good, conflict!

Conflict offers deeper understanding of one another. Mediation is useful for anyone in a relationship; a couple of friends or co-workers, a dating or married couple, parents and children, a group of colleagues. People gain a fresh perspective of one another’s needs and typically come away from a mediation with a very clear idea of what they need to do to make desired changes. This style of mediation promotes analysis of the power dynamic within a relationship and offers ideas on how to equalize that power. In order to make lasting and meaningful changes, we also explore the intersection of the personal and the political. 

My role is that of teacher as well as mediator/moderator. I strongly advocate for equality and balance as I point out where in the relationship there might be cultural blind spots. Support and compassion are at the foundation and my goal is to teach clients how to do this work on their own. In-person or Zoom, Contact & Pricing


A Supportive Environment to Break Isolation

In a group, we see that others have problems and reactions: both similar to and different from our own. Each group member has the opportunity to problem-solve, and as new habits develop, there is a sense of celebration and encouragement. A wide range of topics is covered due to the variety of people, which expands the possibility to learn fundamental concepts from real life situations. This also allows group members to sort through information and apply what is useful.

On-going groups of 4-6 people meet on Zoom weekly for three times a month for two hours per session. Contact & Pricing


Connect to Your Own Inner Wisdom

If you are in a situation that requires great support and care, one-on-one coaching provides just that. I serve as your advocate, sounding-board, and guide. Sessions can include bodywork, movement and homework which encourage taking the best care of YOU.

It’s very common for people who are in a problem-solving group to schedule one-on-one sessions when the need arises. Likewise, after working one-on-one for a few sessions many clients wish to become part of an on-going group. In-person or Zoom, Contact & Pricing


$120–$80 per hour

$250–$150 per month

$120–$80 per hour

To serve people with varying income levels and resources, I offer a sliding scale. I ask everyone to pay at a rate they can afford without creating a hardship. This can change from month to month as finances may be in flux. Please talk with me if the lower end of the scale creates a hardship so we may find a solution that works for both of us. 

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For over 30 years, I have been working with ways of clarifying and improving communication. After a dozen years as an entrepreneur in sales and marketing, I started training in bodywork, verbal process and somatic work. 

I was introduced to Radical Therapy via "Skills For Change" in 1997 as I deeply examined my life, mid-divorce, in need of new single parenting skills. The understanding I gained from that study has helped me navigate some of life’s most challenging situations. It also led to life-coaching and mediation becoming a significant part of my career.

Spending enough time in Nature, keeping a regular meditation practice, as well as hanging out with my two-year-old grandson all help keep my heart open. To my clients I bring compassion, life experience, and the firm belief that ANYTHING is possible.

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